ASIS Benelux Board

 Chairman, Michel de Jong

 Vice Chairman, Tom Brabers


 Treasurer, Anouk Janshen-Feld


 Vice Treasurer, Geert Jan van Lieshout

 Secretary, Nele Eykens

Board members

Member, Kaatje Claes

Woman in Security, Vacancy*

Free Thinker & Ausputzer, Berndt Rif

Certification Programmes, Theo Stevens

Young Professionals, Erwin van de Weerd

Student Member, Jamie Van Iterson

Events Coordination, Kevin van Wiggen


Secretariat, Kathleen Moeskops

Webmaster, Peter Olijslager


* Please note that the ‘Women in Security’ position within the Board is currently vacant. Over time, this role may well develop into a function that takes a wider view on inclusivity and diversity, so female and male members are invited to apply. Please inform Michel or any of the other Board Members to discuss this exciting opportunity to join the Benelux Board if you are potentially interested.